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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Netflix Might Buy The Egyptian Theater

Woah, looks like Netflix is in talks to buy The Egyptian Theater from The American Cinematheque. This is huge news for cinema fans and us here at Things To Do In LA. Almost every week The Egyptian or its sister theater, The Aero, makes it into the Weekly What To Do with their huge calendar of special screenings and special guests.

The deal so far seems like American Cinematheque will still host screenings during the week, while Netflix has premieres on the weekends.

That means a lot more cash for the theater and for the Cinematheque to get great content in great quality, but there wasn't really any complaints on that end in the first place.

This can really help Netflix with the Award shows. Ya see, to qualify for many award shows a movie generally has to play in a theater for a week...even to no audience. It sounds ridiculous, but it happens all the time here in LA. Film companies will rent a theater out for a week and don't care if anyone sees there film...they even do this for shorts.

This will shut up people saying Netflix doesn't deserve awards, because the movies will premiere and be played in a theater for "that kind of experience." It also just makes them eligible, if they do play for a full week.

Nothing is finalized yet, but the deal sounds too good for the The American Cinematheque.

Of course, there's a worry the Netflix might stop the flow of special screenings and festivals held there, but hopefully they just add to theaters line-up of great content its had over the years.

via /Film