Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Jackson Market and Deli: Hidden Little Piece of Heaven

We've just watched two Criterion classics, Heaven Can Wait and A Matter of Life and Death both going over the next world. Jackson Market and Deli isn't heaven, but it's a good place to grab a sandwich or a slice. We've written about it before, but after seeing others taking photos while we muched we thought we would remind you, the reader, who stands to gain so much by finding this hidden hamlet.

On a street not far from Sony Pictures, not easy to spot, on what looks like a residential area is Jackson Market and Deli. It's like your deli at Ralph's, but better. It has a nice selection of not only different deli meats, it also has hard to find candies, sodas, awful awful Kombucho and other snacks.

What really wows us other that the delectable sandwiches, wraps and salads is the hidden garden paradise behind it.  There's a small waterfall at the start with plenty of comfy places to sit. You'll be shaded underneath a tree or a canopy and can look longingly into the eyes of the koi in the Koi Pond.

In that same area you"ll be able to grab a whole hot and fresh pizza. It smells so delightful out back and it's sort of what life should be like in a utopia. A wonderful place to get to eat lunch outside. And we consider food courts here at TTDILA, those  inside malls, to kind of suck by how ugly they are. That isn't the case for the average hungry guy or gal or family wanting to spend some nice time outside eating lunch at this place.

Yes, you can order online for pick-up and the reason you might have not heard of it is it's not that old as it came out in 2014 and is really hidden from view.

Jackson Market and Deli
4065 Jackson Ave, Culver City, CA 90232
MONDAY - SATURDAY: 7am to 9pm
SUNDAY: 7am to 8pm