Monday, September 24, 2018

Game Hype: IndieCade 2018 Games Announced & Retrocade

IndieCade has announced the games for this year's Festival Nominees. They look like a fun, but strange bunch. We like the look of What The Golf?, which has been heard pleasing people playing the demo for a while now. It's a real funky way of playing the best way to describe it. And we can't forget Forgotten Anne, about a young girl trying to get home in a land of forgotten stuff. It looks very nice with a sort of classic animation feel.

IndieCade is coming to LA Oct 11-13 and will feature some of the best indie games before they hit the market and plenty of places to meet and learn from other indie game-makers.

Over the weekend the LA Metro had a free arcade for anyone who wanted to play some old games. It was dubbed Retrocade! If you were in Union Station you were given two free hours of play on a number of machines. There was also a buy-in of $5 dollar Pac-man tournament for high scores

 It looked rather nice seeing all these different people playing games in a big open area downtown. Maybe, there's something to that.

There were even some nice beats laid-down. We heard some classic, "Killer Tofu," from the cartoon Doug remixed.