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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Dragon Ball Super: Broly Dub World Premiere Dec 19 In Theaters January 16

Ahhhhhhhhhh! Screaming is the best way to start this article as LA will host the brand new Broly movie premiere. Yup, we're getting the Dragon Ball Super: Broly  Dub World Premiere at our own TCL Chinese Theater here in Hollywood! It'll be a real red carpet affair. We loved covering the last one at the nearby Egyptian.

If not in the know, we're telling you that the Dragon Ball Super anime has a new movie coming out. The big news is that Broly is coming back and has sort of been retconned that he never existed before. The movie, we believe, takes place after the events of the series, so this could mean an even new power level for Goku or Vegeta or just be a major smackdown for the the too. It's really only rumor. Another tidbit is that it includes Frieza.

For more info on the movie coming to theaters check out the official site. We'll give you updates when any other news pops up.