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Friday, September 7, 2018

Cinefile Video: We Have The Movies

For those who don't want to pirate online or just can't find something there's a place to go. Nestled right next to the Nuarte and walking distance from Sawtelle's eats and treats is Cinefile Video, a video store like no other.

Cinefile Video
11280 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Cinefile is that of legend, it has a gigantic collection of films, the hard-to-finds and the main stream stuff. They even showcase their new arrivals every week. Other than being one of the last places you can physically rent from, you"ll just be in awe of the selection based on director, actor and even super meta sub-genre like "Holiday Horror."

More than likely if you've seen a meme on the Internet they have the movie it's taken from. Maybe check out there, "Holy F*&king S!*t section. A notorious sub-section of films that begs so many questions, many being, "How much cocaine were these people on while making this?"

Now, you can check out their entire selection online. We would, however, suggest wandering in and seeing it for yourself. There's just too much to choose from. They might have the movie you've wanted to see forever and could never find.

See, they don't have everything. They didn't have a copy of Deadly Games. A Christmas horror movie we've been wanting to see that's Home Alone with Santa trying to break in. They get close to having it all though.

Cinefile is your place to find hard to find films and maybe ask the staff if there's anything likethe ones you love. It's an LA institution of a place to hang out before catching your Nuarte flick.