Saturday, September 29, 2018

Alcohol Will Not Be Out Later in LA

We're happy to report that Governor Jerry Brown vetoed the bill extending the hours of serving alcohol between 2am and 4am for the LA area. So, no getting wasted after 2am at bars.

Both the LAPD and Sheriff's department, teachers and parent groups, really didn't want to deal with more drunks. We believe the LAPD thought it would have caused an insane spike in deaths related to drunk driving, if it did pass.

It's no joke that people are still so stupid to drink and drive. It would have caused so many more deaths for those trying to have fun or just come home from having fun if it passed. But, it didn't.

Screw you, restaurants and bars trying to make another buck. If you were liable for those who drink and kill people on the road, we don't think you'd be wanting this change.