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Friday, September 7, 2018

Alamo Drafthouse To Finally Open In 2019 Here In LA

by Jonathan Bilski

We covered it in a tweet a few weeks back, but now we have press confirmation of the Alamo Drafthouse opening in LA in 2019 with some nice renderings of what it'll look like.

Now we've been excited by news about this "over the years" , because Alamo Draft House is known for quality, great experiences with special events, a strict no texting/talking policy during the screenings and dine-in experience. We can go on with the cool stuff they have with them like special screenings and great merch from their brand  Mondo.

As we've reported, the LA Drafthouse will be opening at The Bloc in downtown LA, think of it as a trendy new outdoor mall. Apparently, there were just issues with actually starting construction inside The Bloc. So, they only just started working on making the theater. Just to be clear, this new theater will have 11-screens.

2019 means the "second-quarter of the year" in their press release. So, possibly April or May at the earliest for this theater opening.

We're not only getting everything above. They will have 4K laser projection and 35mm projection for film snobs and people who just want to see films in the best clarity possible. Of course, recliner seating. And, something we thought was only gonna be in another state. A Video Vortex bar / video store that will be offering free rentals.

Video Vortex will be  store and bar that's part of the theater with trivia nights planned. It's suppose to look pretty cool with vintage Sixties and Seventies-era French and Italian film posters courtesy of the American Genre Film Archive.

We can't wait for more details and to start watching there.