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Monday, March 26, 2018

What Was WonderCon 2018?

What? We had another WonderCon? Yes, good folks, we had another WonderCon at the newly renovated Anaheim Convention Center. We're gonna go over the highlights of some of the booths and some of the things we could see being fixed.

 As per usual, no problem with the cosplay, check out our cosplay section from this year's con.
This year we had IDW and DC giving out some goodies, posters and comics. Oddly missing, was the usual gang of Nintendo and Capcom. We're not sure why they didn't show, but they were missed. This year didn't have a very large presence from feature films like in the past too. I would say the main hall lacked some of the bigger names people are accustomed too.

 Hero Complex Gallery always loves showing off its art.
 Bob's Burgers merch sells out, the Boob Police hat was gone Saturday night.

A very fun innovative booth from Exploding Cats, we saw people rewarded with pineapples and watermelons walking around from trying it out.

As always it was fun to explore artist alley and in the upper aisles meet some legendary artists like Dean Yeagle. Artist alley has so many items for fans of niche anime and other media. It's hard to choose what to get, but if you have friends into...really anything that's come out in the last 20 years you'll be able to get them a birthday gift.

There was an exhibit hall in the new section of the convention center that showcased new technology and VR. It just wasn't that impressive without Hologate, a VR shooter. It also showed off how little the new renovation mattered to the con.

The new expanded area of the convention center was never really used, that is to write, it looks nice from the street, but it had zero impact on WonderCon. I can't think of a thing my crew and I did or wanted to do there other than check out one VR booth that could have had taken up room near the main hall. This area has to be used or give some sub-section of WonderCon more room to frolic.

Another waste of time was the RFID chips embedded in badges. It adds more wait time to people leaving and going as you have to tap in or out, not just walk past the machines, you have to tap them. So, kind of pointless as a way to stop illegal entry as a guard has to make sure your badge works anyway. Guards wait by each machine and wait for a ding or stop ya. All I can think is it's great for data collecting on where people left and came in, it really doesn't help the attendee.

What WonderCon 2018 was, it was still fun, but it needs some bigger booths next year.

* And The Terror Experience sucked, bad job AMC, I don't want to see an art grad reject's idea of a horror television show. Just take a picture of someone with fake snow on them and be done promoting the show.