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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Disneyland Isn't The Happiest Place To Work & Strange Disney Gangs

After catching it on Super Punch we checked the article from The LA Times about the year long look into how Disneyland treats its employees and it's pretty bad. From the LA Times article some basics you'll learn are that much of the staff isn't paid even $15 an hour. They're treated quite poorly and not all of them are teenagers or college students in a temp gig.
The biggest part of the post might be how much Disney is taking in a year and how much of that doesn't go back to its employees. Or maybe the so much of Disneyland is subsidized or pays so little to Anaheim that it really doesn't help out with the local economy if its employees have to choose between food or shelter. Give back more to your employees so they can spend more, Disney.

Not the happiest place on Earth to work.

Update: March 5, 2018
We forget this other one snagged by Super Punch and from The LA Times about the bizarre gang like activity of super fans that run in packs in Disneyland. They even have matching jackets and get into turf wars. Ridiculous.