Thursday, March 29, 2018

Moon Cat Cafe: A Mobile Cat Cafe

A silly novelty that'll cost you $12 to play with some cute cats. The Moon Cat Cafe is a mobile cat cafe. It stops all around the LA and OC area to promote pet adoption.

So it may seem a little cramped, but it's a place you can chill with cats around you. When I went back on March 25th, I had some kittens all to myself. I played with them for a little bit, but decided to save my complimentary drink and pastry for outside. Ya see, when you spend your $12 to enter, -it's paperless, so bring a card to pay-you get a drink and a treat, not that bad a deal for hanging out with some cats.

There's really no time limit when the cat cafe rolls in, so once you pay you're good. If you're waiting, it may be a bit.

It is a little strange being inside a truck in a specially hard to open room, so cats can't get out. There's not a lot of space and I was there by myself, so I wonder how well it works with others inside with you.

For more details or where the cat cafe will be showing up near you check their site below.
Moon Cat Cafe