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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Killer Noodle: What Level Can You Make It To?

We finally tried the much loved new Tsujita brand Killer Noodle on Sawtelle. And it's one hot dish. We mean seriously, there's different spice levels and number 2 was almost too much for us.

Killer Noodle is still a fairly new restaurant in Japantown or whatever it's called. We've never heard any locals call it Japantown, but plenty of tourists get taken in by the name, because their out-of-state folksy adorable rubes. Don't buy Japantown as a name, it's a marketing trick.

Marketing trick town's Killer Noodle specializes in three different styles of noodles Tokyo, Downtown and Original. Each comes with long and thick Dan Dan noodles. You can get them in soup or without. The most recommended and popular is Tokyo Style, which we tried. The other styles differ by ingredients with Original being the most different being composed of tofu and chicken, while the others seem to go more spicy.

Now here comes the heat. So you can choose the level of spice from 0-6. And you didn't hear it from us, but you can order off the menu and go to level 8( highly recommended against). Now this spice is nice. Why so nice? Because it also numbs. Unlike other hot sauces, it doesn't linger on your tongue after. We noticed that a few minutes after finishing our plates and bowels that the burn dissipated naturally. No need for ice cream, but we went for ice cream anyway.

The actual taste of a full bowel really hits the spot. It levitates your hunger level as you'll slowly get the sweats, if you chose a high level. For cold weather, it's perfect to both heat you up and fill you up too.

The only thing the restaurant lacks is anything else on the menu. It looks stylish with it's red interior, chandelier and pictures of chefs in black in white, which we assume aren't dead. We have nothing to go on if they're alive either, but usually black and white photos in an Asian restaurant of someone mean they died.

The only other death is that of drinks or anything worthwhile on the menu. The lame $2.00 for a can of soda is alive in this nice looking noodle joint. We mean, serve us in a cup or create a fun drink. This place cares about one thing and that it's noodles, nothing else.

Customer service was fine though, they do care about the customer and will recommend what level of spice you can take if you talk to them.

For some warm, spicy noodles and a challenge for friends head over to Killer Noodle and see how far high up you can go.

Killer Noodle
2030 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025

M-SUN 11AM - 10:30AM
Phone number (424) 293-0474