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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Adventure Time Time: Come Along With Me

Adventure Time is nearing its end. The final four episodes, yet-to-air of the show, were teased with  a trailer with no release date. I'm gonna guess that the show will air its final episodes in April on the same day it started, April 5. That's all the way back in 2010!

It has been wonderful watching Adventure Time over the years and writing about it here. As the show ends, so will this section of the site and I will miss it.

Pen Ward, creator of the show will no doubt push forward into VR, creating some utterly weird game for us to enjoy. The rest of his crew is already working on their own cartoon shows.

Other than some short bits of news from a few years back there has been no talk of the Adventure Time movie with no release date. I'm going to assume that it never went into production or we would have heard bits of it through social media by now. So, this looks like the final end of the series, but with Adventure Time there's always a brand new adventure.

We would have loved a finale panel at WonderCon, but I think Cartoon Network's policy is to promote shows still in production. Sadly, Adventure Time finished being produced months ago. It still would have been nice to get to say good-bye and thank the great cast and crew. And if they some how read this, "Thanks for everything!"

We'll give you details of when the show is airing its final episodes when the info is released.

Until then, keep adventuring.