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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Film Hype: Winnie the Pooh, Noir LA with Puppets and Time Travel Jobs

by Jonathan Bilski
First up, oh jeez, my childhood. Disney, please stop! It's starting to hurt. Winnie the Pooh is back and an adult Christopher Robin is stuck in a cliche story. The live action version of your favorite honey-addicted bear is titled Christopher Robin. [Snicker]I wonder if he's an ad executive. Just watch the teaser trailer with Pooh's voice, sounds exactly like the one from when you were a kid, pulling on your heart strings. The film will be coming out this August.

Under the Silver Lake, is the second feature film directed by David Robert Mitchell, known for his new age horror film, It Follows. It finally has a release date, June 22 and it's coming from A24. We've been waiting for this one as it's a neo-noir film set in LA. Oh, and music artist Disasterpiece is doing the music again.

The Happytime Murders also follows in those foot steps of dealing with the darker side of LA...with puppets. I'm not sure what to make of the production as the film is suppose to be coming out this August and has now switched Jamie Foxx, rumored to be the lead, to Melissa McCarthy. She's partnering up with a puppet to solve crime in LA populated by people and puppets. She doesn't seem right for the role, but she put up the cash as a producer to get it made.

I'm saying, what I thought was going to be gritty and dark humored movie about puppet hobos and junkies might suffer under Melissa McCarthy's acting and producing. Sigh, it looked so good in early production art.

After Colossal, I thought one of my favorite directors, Nacho Vigalondo, might take a rest, but he's already working on another project-with Richard Kirkman of The Walking Dead. They're bring Comeback to the big screen. It's a comic book I've never heard of either about time travelers that'll rescue you from being killed for compensation. The synopsis so far is they get stuck in the past on one of their rescues.

Nacho has dealt with time travel before and on a tight budget with his filmTimecrimes. Seeing what he can do with real funding should be an amazing film. He's great with dark humor, relationships and creating messed-up realistic people.