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Monday, March 19, 2018

The American Dream & Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

New footage and release for two games we're just keen on.

The American Dream is out now on Steam. This VR game has you learning to fire a gun for pretty much everything in life. It's a joke making fun of America's love of guns that just doesn't stop. Is it the wrong time to be doing so, no not really with the gun debate up in arms. It's a ludicrous look into a 1950's world teaching you that guns are just about dandy for everything.

We're not not sure how  we feel about Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes coming out some time in 2018. The new footage looks nice and co-op doesn't so bad either, but it looks like it may be a shorter game than usual with top down look. Can't complain about the new boss candy. We want to smash these bad guys to dust.