Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Corporation Food Hall, They Aren't Getting An Award For Chairs

If you have already parked downtown or work downtown have we got a new place for you to chow down. Corporation Food Hall is the Nick Jr. of Grand Central Market. Though not affiliated with Grand Central, it is very akin to its style. It has many brand new places to try with flashy neon signs to get you excited on what to eat.

Be on the lookout for it as it's easy to miss while driving by or on foot. As of writing this, 3/4/18 construction nearby makes it less noticeable as all the glitz and neon are on the inside. If its neon side was on, we sure didn't notice it, make it brighter, Food Hall!

As of writing this, you have six different options for your hunger pains inside of Corporation Food Hall. And a place to grab a cup o' joe. All of which are a bit different and look too tasty in photos online. One or two are supposedly on the way, some sort of a desert shop and a bar in the back.

We tried three of it's restaurants while there: Pig Pen Delicacy, Tacos Tu Madre and South City Fried Chicken. Buddha Belly, Soom Soom and Funculo were off the menu, but we'd come back to try them.
Pig Pen has caramelized bacon and a burger going for it. Tacos Tu Madre has some great deals on some tasty tacos...simply hats off to the meat inside them, no mater what you get. South City Fried Chicken serves friend chicken inspired by different states. It's not as big as it is in their pictures online or our imagination, but it was good. We scarfed down ours a little too fast.

It's really a hall, so seating sucks. Enjoy the feel of metal bar stools or sitting outside. We get it. Food Hall is trying to cram as many people as they can on seats that'll fit inside the hall and don't take up that much room. When we went we did go, there were plenty of places to sit , it's just...it might be a place to grab some food and go. They have a nice patio area out front, but if it's cold in LA, even with the heaters it has, it ain't that fun.

Price wise, they aren't any charmers, except maybe Tacos Tu Madre with street style tacos at two bucks. Other than that, drinks shouldn't cost so much. A can of soda for two bucks, come on.

This is for someone already downtown, not a quest for good eats. Still, if downtown, it's pretty decent place to grab lunch.

Corporation Food Hall
-website isn't getting an award either
724 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90014
Sun -Thu 11AM-9PM
Fri-Sat  11AM-11pm