Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Cat Nation Trailer & The Gentle Barn Frustration

The trailer above seems like it was made for a different audience, an audience of young girls or lonely women who are into cats. The real content of the movie, that is obvious to the viewer of the trailer from the start, is that a British man on tour of Japan's many cat related restaurants and cat-centric areas finds it stupid and novel.

What I'm trying to say is Cat Nation has a stupid trailer, a trailer filled with cute graphics and a voice over that doesn't fit it. I'm quite sure the publisher of it is just trying to get the person-obsessed-with-cats market instead of going after those seeking a story of a bitter British man having to a doc on cats in Japan.

It's a frustrating as my time at The Gentle Barn (not a farm). The Gentle Barn is an overpriced petting zoo in Santa Clarita that sells itself as poorly as the Cat Nation trailer.

To cut to the chase for those reading as parents. If you're a parent, is it worth taking your child to? No. Go to a petting zoo or a real farm, so they can learn about animals.

Everyone else trying to spend a Sunday getting to know animals forget this boring place unless you want to hear sad story after sad story many of which are about of blind animals and then meet those blind animals.

Other than the robbery that is admission and the robbery on awful food inside, vegan dogs cost $6 bucks and you can only by vegan dogs, there is hippie propaganda. If you want to visit the upper barn area, ooooh, upper barn area, the staff makes you list to their speech about animal inclusiveness and how all animals are just like us, even the insects, except they aren't and you don't learn anything about how a farm works.

Learning about agriculture as an adult or as a child is not as fun as a theme park, but at least your learning or existing. As an adult I thought I was going to pet animals and learn about the inner workings of a farm. Something I could tell stories about to others. Maybe learn about what I'm eating and how far tech has come with farming or how far it hasn't. Those were stupid ideas to have. I learned nothing!

There's some utterly bizarre promotion for the movie Ferdinand. While I was there, they put a plaque above a tiny barn and put cut-outs of the characters from the movie. I wonder what kind of money the non-profit got to promote some dumb 20th Century Fox film.

This hippie cult of saving animals who were meant to be food, just tells stories of how sad each cow or chicken's life was, but guess what, they were meant to be food. There are some horses there too and I agree with the law that anyone abusing an animals should be punished, but that is the only aspect about the animals they teach, they reveal nothing else about animals, just their awful backstories. All of them have such awful backstories they could be Batman.

It's a petting zoo full of Batman. And it's boring. There's a line to hug cows. A line.

The mix of boredom and the idiotic mentality make this place a pain. If the guy or gal you're dating want to go, suck it up and suffer if you want to get laid, but don't go there for fun. Don't go there for any reason, it's a mediocre attraction and an even worse place for any sort of semblance of an education.

The Gentle Barn needs to be a little bit more rough or just a farm.