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Friday, April 21, 2017

Your Bike Is Gonna Get Stolen Stupid

The LA Times has a great opinion piece on bike theft in the city and what you might want to do to stop it. We would love it if cyclists started having their own version of the DMV, it would be great to start taxing them.

Why are cities allowing bicycle theft to go virtually unpunished?

"Unfortunately, left with almost sole responsibility for theft prevention, bike owners often don’t do themselves many favors. Bicycle advocates may seethe over what they see as indifference and victim-blaming when police advise owners to do a better job of locking up. But the police are often correct. Too many consumers are reluctant to invest in quality locks or take the time to properly secure their bicycles in public locations. Many don’t even bother to write down their bike’s serial number, making it virtually impossible for police to return a stolen bike should they recover it. Too many consumers also turn a blind eye to obviously stolen bikes being sold for peanuts on websites like Craigslist."