Thursday, April 27, 2017

Super Mario Hallmark Ornaments with Two Uncles Ornament

Wow, Hallmark is getting more modern with new Super Mario ornaments for Christmas this year. The Super Mario ornaments lack really anything creative about them, they look like clip art taken from one of the games, but you got Mario, Yoshi and a limited Luigi, because you know they gotta treat Luigi bad.

Right next to that is the Two Uncles ornament, which shows Hallmark's Art Director Alfred, next to his nameless husband, and his nameless nephew. Telling us all that Alfred can commit to marriage, but not raising a child of his own with his nameless husband. Even the dog in the picture is named, but not the nephew or husband? Weird choices there.

I'm gonna say it right now, "Use more gay people to sell your products Hallmark, totally homo catalog next year, but make G-d damn sure that it's one that really is a family. Nephews and nieces don't count as kids in Christmas pictures. Two Dads, not two uncles. Two Moms.

And nameless husband, you better ask yourself why can't Hallmark's Art Director Alfred let you have a child to raise of your own.

Still, great ornament of Two Uncles, $15.95