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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Have You Seen These Mutants?

Have you seen these mutants? They go by the name X-Men, as an afflicted group for mutant supremacy. These detestable sub-humans have been pains-in-the-necks for the Friends of Humanity for some time. They are a blight on humanity and if you see them please report their location and activity to your local FOH offices.

Will be going over these freaks powers, to keep you safe.

Wolverine, a mutant with claws that he can conceal. These claws can cut through anything known to man, they're made out of a substance called Adamantium, supposedly the strongest metal on Earth. This mutant also has super regenerative powers making him a very hard to kill or injure. He's no kitten with those things come out of his hands. Be careful, he has been a huge problem to FOH offices around America.
Cyclops, leader of the human hating X-Men. This freak's power is shooting powerful blasts of energy from his eyes. His blasts can just be concussive or powerful enough to cut through metal. He's the strategist of the freaks.

Storm, the weather wielding witch has a power over the elements. Storm can use her powers to control the weather: that means lightning, rain and freezing people. She looks like a witch with her ability to fly in the sky, she just needs a broom. FOH members and our offices and clubs have suffered many insurance claims over her attacks, but have been unable to get anywhere as most insurance doesn't cover act of mutant damage. 

Jean Grey, really was trying with a code name. This mutant has awesome telekinetic powers. She can move stuff with her mind. Stuff like a car through a house and a man out a window. Be careful of her psy-blasts. Sometimes is an arsonist, goes by the name Phoenix in that state.

Rogue, this Southern fried-freak may look like a home-town girl with a bad hair day, but it's all a lie. She's damn near invincible, super strong and can fly. The damage she can cause is crazy, but it doesn't end there. She can suck the life-force out of you from mere touch. Don't let her get her mutie mittens on you or say good-night.
Gambit, this gumbo guzzling mutant has the power of energizing anything he touches, so he can basically make anything a high-powered explosive. He usually uses a deck of playing card that become deadly as hand grenades in his hands.

Beast/Dr. Hank McCoy, a blue fur-covered freak with claws and sharp teeth. If only all mutants looked like him so we could tell them apart from us. This ugly monster has super strength and acrobatic abilities to climb into your home beware. Parents beware!

Jubilee, the youngest mutie of the group, she has the uncanny ability to shoot fireworks from here fingers. Beware for your home electronics . She's probably more of a shop-lifter, but beware she's still a mutant!

That's all the X-Men we know of, but they've known to work with other weird looking mutants such a strange mutant packed head to tow with deadly weapons, possibly going by the name Cable.