Saturday, April 1, 2017

See Something, Say Something

Mutants can be lurking everywhere, we must ever be vigilante to make sure they can't get away with anything. So if you see any mutant activity or if anyone is acting like there a mutant or mutant sympathizer report it immediately. Hopefully Sentinels will come in, rocketing from the sky, land at your location and rip open any home or business that you may think are under mutant influence.

The FOH can't do it alone. We need the help of humanity to cull the mutant threat. Remember only mutants can enter tthe country illegally. We need to build that wall to keep us safe. We might have some mutants that can fly, but will have Sentinels patrolling that wall...and they have rockets to fly.

Also, remember Sentinels can only stop mutants, they can't stop any other crime or help you in any other way. That includes robbery, car accident, really anything unless it involves mutants.

Also, it's best to leave the area Sentinels are in when their battling mutants due to destruction of property and friendly fire.