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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Nightmare Crash on 5 Freeway Tuesday

If you weren't paying attention to the local news yesterday, you might have not saw the images on TV or the net of the horrific crash that happened on the 5 freeway. Officials are still piecing it together, saying a truck some how jumped the central divider on the Northbound 5 into the Southbound 5 causing a massive accident that killed one and left at least 10 people injured, one in critical condition. The accident involved so many cars and caused so much devastation, including a fire, that the freeway was shut down for hours as fires were quelled and debris was cleaned up.  Both lanes have re-opened since then.

Still details linger as to how it all started with a single truck just losing control?

A few more notes
*One of the local networks screwed up and showed the burnt corpse of the one killed in the accident
*One dog died in the crash
*One of the vehicles involved was a truck carrying milk
 for more info read our source
 via KTLA 5