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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Things We Recommend: Colossal & Crawl

Colossal- The first role of Anne Hathaway's we liked is probably due to the insane story from one of our favorite directors Nacho Vigalondo. Playing a down on her luck gal who returns back to her small town, she finds a friend in her elementary school class mate played by Jason Sudekis who runs the local bar. She starts working their part time and the start becoming friends again and maybe something more. Also she happens to be manifesting a giant monster in Taiwan whenever she gets drunk.
Crawl- Finally out after a huge tweek after playing it and IndieCade two years ago. You and up to three friends can crawl into a dungeon and go on a quest. Big difference though, those three friends are friends. You see, one of you gets to stay alive and fight the baddies in the dungeon, the rest of you are the baddies. You're trying to kill the player is alive as a bunch of different monsters that you can level up. If you're alive you're trying to stay that way and trying to kill an end boss.

* On sale 20% it's launch