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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Game Hype: Slime-san and Paradigm

Get gamin' this weekend or when you have some free time, just chill, we all have problems, mine is whiskey and those two awful children. ...I mean, two great games have come out recently, Slime-san and Paradigm. One's a three-color platform wonder, the other is a point-n-click adventure as weird as it can get. Both are out now and you'll want to play them to drown out all your problems.

Slime-san is cute enough to be a character from your child-hood, but he just came out now and with his little bird friend, sort of like a wittle bit of Banjo-Kazooie you'll platform lile crazy through a three-color wonderland.

It's hard to not like the style of the game, it brings you back to gameboy days with it's easy looking graphics. What isn't easy is the platforming, this will have your skills tested as you try and escape the giant worm that swallowed you. Did we mention all the platforming takes place in a giant worm? We haven't seen inside guts be so fun in a video game since South Park or one of the Mario and Luigi RPG's.

Inside isn't just platforming, but colorful townsfolk also swallowed up where you can buy upgrades or even play some seriously well made mini-games that look nothing like the game you're playing.

For the platformer who wants to a challenge, Slime-san is here to for you.
Why is everything so horrible and why am I laughing at it? That's Paradigm, the star of the game and it's title. Genetic research can go bad, as we've seen in many sci-fi films. This tale is along those lined, but with crippling sadness, loneliness and addiction. And it's funny as sh*t.

Every minute in Paradigm is a joke as the characters are also jokes as "people." In a weird Neo-Soviet country these disasters called "people" are your only means from the world not ending based on technology we don't even use anymore. That's as far as I've gotten in my play, but there's to be a Glam Rock cult and a final meeting with an evil genetics lab.

Other than the strange look of the game, the writing and jokes from its creator Jacob Janerka make us wonder how other games on Steam are even allowed as they're are just garbage in comparison. A dog shouldn't be trying to tell me ow to play the game and it can't and that one of many strange jokes that I loved so far.

Paradigm you've stolen my clicking finger.