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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Underwater Pavilions: Temporary Underwater Sculptures You Can Swim Through Near Catalina

This is why I love LA based art projects, the sheer insanity and their ridiculous nature. I have no idea how you're going to get see this in person unless you plan, have some cash lying around and want to go swimming. If you're down for it, it does seem like an experience you won't want to miss.

Doug Aitken's Underwater Pavilions is three geometric shaped sculptures all of which have mirrored pieces to reflect the underwater landscape that compliment to the ocean. You'll be able to swim through his work off the coast of Catalina.

All three sculptures will be installed some time this fall; unknown as of when while writing this. They will be free to visit, as it is the ocean, but getting there and getting to them is up to you. For those who know how to get to it, it will be at Casino Point Dive Park in the City of Avalon.

In tandem there were will be special events linked to the exhibit including: a major survey of Doug Aitken’s work at the Geffen MOCA.

Also "New Ocean Happening, a special weekend event organized by Aitken that will include screenings, talks, and live performances, all geared toward bringing attention to critical issues in ocean conservation." This event will take place on Catalina in the first weekend in November