Friday, September 16, 2016

PaleyFest 2016: Ash Vs Evil Dead Panel: The Difference Between Bad Blood and Good Blood

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – SEPTEMBER 14: The Paley Center for Media’s 10th Annual PaleyFest Fall TV Previews honoring the STARZ series Ash vs Evil Dead at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills on September 14, 2016.
Last Thursday night, fans of Ash Vs Evil Dead had the excitement of not only getting to see the first episode of the new season before it airs, heads up and other parts of human anatomy, it's double the gore, but the guests also got a panel with the cast including Ray Santiago, “Pablo Simon Bolivar”; Dana DeLorenzo, “Kelly Maxwell”; Ted Raimi, “Chet Kaminski”, and Lee Majors, “Brock Williams” with moderator Alicia Lutes, Managing Editor, Nerdist. And in his never-ending own words Bruce Campbell, “Ashley ‘Ash’ Williams.”

I don't know where Ash begins and Bruce Campbell ends, the character he plays might just be him. On stage he never stopped talking and it was a delight to hear him ramble on about at least getting "five seasons" and already purchasing a ticket to New Zealand, though a third season for Ash Vs Evil Dead has not been confirmed by Starz.
"If it doesn't work out, I can just be an ass actor," Ray Santiago (Pablo) told the audience. It was on the subject of Dana DeLorenzo (Kelly) telling the audience in a joking matter how Lee and Bruce would check out his dimpled ass. 
I've never seen a panel for PaleyFest talk so dirty with love for one another and I've been through the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia panel.
"In this show Ash is a f*cking blabbermouth. Okay, can't I just do it with a nod and a wink," that was Bruce Campbell on Ash talking, which he did more than enough of for most of the crew at the panel. That was just the tail-end of his rant. He actually loves that Ash gets to talk instead of just smashing the dead...back to death. This also covers a little bit of no promises on a feature length film. An audience member did ask about a follow-up to the 2013 remake to which Bruce replied by saying he's fine on doing another three seasons instead. So anyone holding onto another Evil Dead movie, best hold those dreams at bay.

The very obvious question on what happens to the actors soaked in blood had multiple answers and the explanation of bad bad vs good blood. Bad blood stains the skin and comes from the effects department, Bruce said it was , " it comes from a tubeof stuff they buy from the toxic store." Good blood doesn't stain and comes from make-up department.
While Ray and Dana shower together, with divided walls in a special shower truck and wait for the hair to run out of blood, after 45 a start, Ash, I mean Bruce had a different technique. 

Cleaning it off can be an ordeal. "I look down and I put the nozzle on my head and as long as I'm seeing red, I'm no ready yet, "Bruce told us. The only way to get read of the bad blood stains on human flesh is leaving shaving cream, of all things, on and waiting for it to come off.
Ray added to no go to the gym after being covered in blood and Lee Majors said the police were almost called on him at a bar he went to because he still had a huge blood stain around his neck. 
Dana DeLorenzo promised double the blood and gore for the new season and  some girls only side fights with Ruby (Lucy Lawless) fighting the Evil Dead. Other highlights include that more awful things will happen to Pablo and the inclusion of Lee Majors as Ash's Dad.
 Ash Vs Evil Dead returns to Starz on Oct 2 for an entire new season.