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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Halloween 2016: Delusion: His Crimson Queen Already Sold Out

Well, that's a shocker. The newest incarnation of Delusion, Delusion: His Crimson Queen is already sold out. The newest version of Delusion is not the year-round attraction promised, but a new interactive play.

Though, we'll go in detail about it, it's sad to say it's completely sold out, even with dates into November. Delusion starts Sept 29. and ends Nov 13 without a free seat.

No doubt Delusion is favored and loved, but at this level, it's sheer insanity.

Insanity dwells in the new play that makes the audience into the children of Selene & Berke Sullivan. Set in the prohibition era you'll have to navigate through the experience to find out about your supernatural mother.

Read more about it, though your chances to go without tickets now are nill.