Monday, September 5, 2016

Shin Godzilla Comes Stateside October 11-18

Funimation has officially announced when you can finally see the newest Godzilla in the US. At the link below, starting Sept 9th you'll be able to buy tickets for theaters playing it here.

Shin Godzilla
October 11-18 (Japanese with English subtitles)
Los Angeles will host have the American premiere Oct 3, then New York gets it Oct 5, too bad for New York.

They've also chosen the name for it state-side, Shin Godzilla. We would like to make fun of that name as most American audiences might think, "Oh, so this Godzilla will have very large shins," or "That's a strange name for Godzilla." Also known as Godzilla Resurgence, Funimation might have wanted to change the name for how much that word is used. I know it's not the exact same, but we have a film called Mechanic: Resurrection in theaters now. We're all kind of sick of re in sequel or reboots.

Sadly, at least for its theatrical run it won't be dubbed. And gosh darn it, they would have been hilarious, not a real try at the dub, but a localized Funimation dub to add some silly banter to what will be a heavy toned drama with a big lizard. I want the classic poorly dubbed British voice cast of past Godzilla's to voice the cast as poorly as they use so we can already laugh at it.

If you haven't been following the news from Japan, Godzilla has a radical new design, making him much more like a mutated-radioactive dinosaur if he came out of the 80's mentality of what people could look at on screen. He is also the tallest Godzilla ever, beating out the American 2014 Godzilla. That 2014 Godzilla is considered fat or the "American Godzilla" because of how much heavier it looked than previous Godzillas by the Japanese.

This new Godzilla has a lot going with it for the otaku, Japanese culture fan. For one, the man behind hit anime Evangelion, Hideaki Anno worked on it as a co-director instead of doing the last Eva movie that people have been waiting year for. It has a huge cast and cameos of actors from Japanese films and past Godzilla movies that might be entirely lost on American audiences.

The poster chosen for us here is quite boring it should be done like Mondo posters, but went for the most generic image possible. The awful tag line, "A g-d incarnate. A city doomed," was another odd choice. The idea of G-ds to the Japanese are a bit different from us, anything with a huge amount of power or ability, sort of like a superhero or giant robot might get that title in Japanese media. To American audiences, it doesn't make much sense again. I do hope there's a least one article somewhere that tries to make Godzilla Jesus in some way. Oh, if Funimation did use the word Resurrection for the poster I think the internet would have had a field day with this poster and made it Jesus on the cross.