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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Adventure Time Time: Adventure Time Is Dead

In 2018, yes, our beloved Adventure Time will end at nine seasons at some point in the year 2018. This isn't rumor, but an official confirmation has come out via Adventure Time social media.

There might be many questions, but with the knowledge of a final season the show might write a fulfilling ending.

-There's still no news on the Adventure Time film, with no news about it some fear it might have been cancelled, it is strange it would be guarded with no details this far.

-Not the nicest news for Mighty Magiswords premiere today, I'm not sure what Cartoon Network pr was thinking, on a certain level I have to think someone has it in for that show over at CN and it hasn't even come out yet.

-Eh, but Cartoon Network is weird, I can't recall anyone saying a series was cancelled two years in advanced or how odd this is with Regular Show's final season just happening.

-Here's The Simpsons and I think it kind of sucks. Compared to the other guest couch really sucks. I'm not even sure who animated it or came up with it, I can only confirm Pen Ward sings in it.

Also, Wired says Pen Ward left the show in 2014, but he only stepped down as show-runner, that doesn't mean he isn't working on the show, he's probably just doing storyboards or other development tasks, though he may go un-credited and at the very least he's still voicing LSP.