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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Halloween 2016: Zombie Industries WTF

In Halloween research we found the site Zombie Industries, a target site that had bleeding zombie targets. Bleeding zombie targets and strange and racist inaccuracies, some that don't make any sense.

Their "Nazi" target might seem off for anyone who knows High School history. Give yourself a second and study it and see if you can and find two problems.

Did you find the problems? Yes, the swastika is reversed. Did you also notice that the Nazi is Emperor Hirohito? The leader of Axis Japan. Questions arise, like why?

Other oddities include targets that are clearly President Obama and former President Ronald Reagan. Oddly, they're dubbed "Rocky" and "Crooked Politician Zombie."

Where do you even go from there on critiquing Zombie Industries. I just guess call them idiots.