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Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Chocolate Chair Has Dragon's Breath

If you want to look like a vape smoker or some sort of powerful ice wizard, but don't want to be one head to delightful Chocolate Chair a dessert shop in Koreatown. That's where a new special treat awaits you.

Dragon's Breath is a strange new treat made with nitrogen that let's you see your own breath and the breath of whomever you share it with. Really, it's some nitrogen blasted Crunch Berry cereal that comes with dipping sauces. The taste..., really not there, that's why you have dipping sauces of different flavors. What it's really about is the fun and the look on you and your friends/date/family faces as you see the cold air come pouring out of noses and mouths; great for selfies.

Dragon's Breath goes for about $9 and for the experience is worth it, no need to buy more than one cup split among friends. You'll get long wooden skewers to pop the nitrogen infused crunch balls into your mouth. Just remember to be careful and don't drink the left over nitrogen in the cup or touch it. It actually leaves ice on the table it's so cold.

The Chocolate Chair is kind of an odd place as half of it is a beauty store, so during the day you can buy make-up and soothing moisturizes. So in the same store you can get a banana split?

The Chocolate Chair
Madang Plz 621 S Western Ave Los Angeles, CA 90005 Koreatown, Wilshire Center