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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Anime Expo 2016 Update: Osomatsu-san Con

Here's the news on all things Osomatsu-san at AX, including the cosplay gathering at AX, special items being sold in Little Tokyo and a cafe, sadly a week after AX. Osomatsu-san is a wacky anime about six loser brothers who look alike who are incredibly dumb and lazy.

Osomatsu-san Special Item Sale
July 1-31, 11am-8pm
Weller Court
Kinokuniya Book Store
123 Astronaut E S Onizuka St 

Get specialty goods, but not the cafe goods from Osomatsu-san.

July 1 Day 1: Site 5 at 5-6PM*
Day 2: Site 5 at 4:30-6PM
Day 4: Site 1 at 10:00-11:00AM*
Check your cosplay maps for site locations 

Meet other Osomatsu-san fans and dress up to make even more brothers! Sheeh, not more brothers!

SOCAL Osomatsu-san Fan Cafe
Saturday, July 9 at 11 AM - 1 PM
362 E 2nd St, Los Angeles, California 90012
This is an unofficial fan cafe for Osomatsu-san.
 Schedule for the cafe:
10:30-VIP early access.
11:00-Officially open.
11:30-1st delivery skit
11:40- Raffle, 1st prize!
11:50-2nd delivery skit
12:00-Raffle, 2nd prize.
12:20- Raffle
12:25-1:00- LAST CALL FOR FOOD. And our long awaited AUUUUCCCTIIIOOOONNNN!!!! Bid for a date with any of your servers such as the brothers, girlymatsus, Totoko, or even Atsushi-kun! We will also be auctioning off merch, our own exclusively made merch!
1:00-Closing time. Thank you so much for coming!