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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Escape Rooms: What Are They?

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Now if you don't know what an escape game/room is, let me break it down for you. You and a couple of friends, or work-mates or even possibly a date; not a bad idea, can go into a scenario where you've got to escape from a room with a certain time limit (usually between a half-hour TV show or a drama TV show, so an hour.) Now it can be just two people, but it can go up in size, usually to about 12, all depending on how the escape room is set up. So you can do a little team-work solving puzzles and riddles to get out in time. Don't worry, Big Brother is watching you inside, there's usually a button to press to get a hint or just get out.

So each escape room has a different theme. Going into an escape room scenario is like living out your own movie or adventure for the length of modern media.

We have some very different ones around LA, many based on zombies for some reason, but others include some we've tried like

"The A.I." in Monterey Park from Exit Game which has you battling wits with an evil artificial intelligence while trying to clear a friend's name.

"The Detective", in downtown LA from Escape Room LA where you have to figure out the rotten tomato in a 1940's film noir detective story.

Now to find escape rooms in LA I suggest you check out the next time you want to live out your own real life adventure. It's a nice guide to the escape rooms around Los Angles and easy to look through. So now that you know more about it, you might want to try one.