Wednesday, June 8, 2016

E3 Is Getting A 6-Story Arcade Machine From Doritos, LA Times Doesn't Know Difference Between Arcade and Arcade Machine

It's hard to even comprehend this or to really confirm it due to the LA Times being the exclusive source and not understanding video games. To be more accurate the story went to a music writer so he could care less about video games. Should have given it to a Hero Complex writer LA Times editor, calling you out for crappy video game reporting.

LA Times' info cares more about the music acts, which we don't at TTDILA, and we'll get right down to the point that it's for E3 and the now sold out E3 Live attendees only. There is no way to see this show without those passes. The 6-story arcade machine, an arcade is a place with multiple machines, LA Times.

The arcade machine is suppose to actually be playable? It does come with a six-foot joystick, but who knows if it will really work. But since the LA Times music writer, wrote this, we have no idea if that's true. It comes to us via Dortios sponsoring it for it's new Mix bags of different chips. It is dubbed the Doritos Mix Arcade.

There will also be an arcade room from Doritos for players to chill in. Were not sure where it will be located, but probably near the giant arcade machine/stage.

The giant arcade machine will be a stage for music acts like Empire of the Sun, Steve Aoki, Wiz Khalifa and Big Boi, who for many gamers don't care at all. Each night of E3 will be a different show.