Wednesday, June 1, 2016

James Turrell's Light Reignfall Acquired Get More Rain Room Tickets This June

LACMA makes local Los Angeles residents keep coming, and not just for the Rain Room, which added a longer engagement, more tickets to drop in June. No, we keeping coming for a newly acquired piece with rain in the title, spelled differently. A gift from Hyundai, James Turrell's Light Reignfall is now a permanent part of LACMA and will be on display and...hmm, get-in-able until the end of May 29...2017.

James Turrell's piece has you essentially shoved into an light experiment led in by lovely looking lady scientists, well they might be, they're wearing lab coat-white dressed and glasses. You'll be spending about $20 more to experience the wonder of the Light Reignfall piece that lasts about a few minutes.

What goes on inside really:
An individual wears special headphones and lies down on a narrow bed that slides into the spherical chamber of Light Reignfall. Inside, a program of saturated light (operated by a technician) envelopes the viewer. The intense experience reveals the multidimensional power of light and the complex, malleable seeing instrument that is the human eye. Turrell believes that it offers the potential for transformation and psychological growth through heightened perception, akin to meditation.