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Monday, June 20, 2016

For A Day Like This I Recommend SUPERHOT

For future reference or for those outside of LA, where I am it's a comfortable 106 degrees today. LA is having a heat wave. Maybe due to the weather I was reminded to finish off playing SUPERHOT, a new first person shooter with minimalistic design. How the game is different from your average shooter is that time moves as you do, so the game only moves when you move, letting you plan your attack and lets you dodge bullets.
It's got something on top of just addictive gameplay, its got some Cronenberg and David Lynch love in there to make the story of what seems like a simple shooter to almost a love-letter to Videodrome. I would call it a new generation Videodrome. And if you don't get the references than enjoy going an adventure that has some dark and murky ideas about what it means to be playing a game or a game playing you.

So try SUPERHOT while the heats on a chill at how cool the game is.