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Friday, June 10, 2016

The 2nd Annual Bread Festival Is A Real Thing We Didn't Make-Up

Grand Central Market is just kicking all kinds of ass this Summer. Mouth-watering places to get food keep joining its ranks of restaurants within. Last weekend, two days were, kid you not, devoted to bread. June 4-5 were days of dough, jams and croissants, (French laugh). The 2nd Annual Bread Festival took over a side wall of the collected eateries establishment with certain shops having bread specials. We sampled a few choice chomps and stared into the many motivations of bread making. We would have bought a shirt, because who doesn't want a bread festival shirt to be asked, 'I don't get what kind of sex joke that is, please explain, but the sizes ran from "Let's make the sizes suck for people who eat a lot of bread." So write now I guess we'll write a nice F U to...person in charge of Bread Festival t-shirt sizes, you really let us down.

What wasn't a let down was the eats, breads from many local bakeries made the place smell even more heavenly for the hungry. Strange activities  like a work-out to knead the dough by putting it in bottles while pumping in an exercise class  were on the top floor, while in the basement more subtle workshops on baking were going on.

One of the vendors we caught sight of was selling a strange looking jam. Indie Jams booth was being run by Nick Zayas, the husband of chef/creator Meredith Lockwood, a singer/songwriter. Nick told me a bit about the jams that go up a little notch. "Each jam is inspired by a different genre of music. So right now our flavors are: Pop, Blues and Punk." He added, "For the Summer my wife is working on a rock jam which is an apricot jam and a folk jam that we'll be blackberries and lavender." Nick explained their operation is only about a year old as they were featured at Coachella where their jams were replacing the filling of pop tarts there. You can get the jams online or in a few stores around LA, just check the above link.

Indie Jams was one of the many vendors that made us wish we planned the day around a picnic or just making a nice lunch/dinner with friends. So much good food to eat and we already made plans for dinner. When the Bread Festival returns leave your schedule empty for meals and also demand they make bigger t-shirts.