Sunday, January 31, 2016

Things To Do In Games Has Its Own Site

Now you can watch new episodes of our video game show, Things To Do In Games, over on its own site. Now if you want to see if there's an new episode just type in into any browser and boom, new episodes. Watch as your host Jonathan doesn't pay attention to the independent video game store he works at, World 8, a real video game store in Koreatown. He'll be talking with guests about the latest games or just dumb ones when he should really be helping customers. It's so much better than that Brian Posehn video game show that never got picked up by Comedy Central. And look at Brian he got to write the Deadpool comic and work on that Netflix show,With Bob and David, so pretty good for him. He now knows his place to stay out of video games.

The new site features every previous episode so you cant catch up to see us bad mouth horrendous video games, meet new friends and question what happened to James the Postman from episodes one and two. What the Hell did happen to him? Probably dead... or murdered.

We're going to have some more fun episodes this year.