Thursday, January 21, 2016

I Won't Have Grasshopper With That

Poor decision making was made after a challenge of who would eat chocolate covered grasshoppers led to a fine dining experience in Koreatown. Guelaguetza Restaurant, well known by Angelenos as a place for fine mole and meat also serves cactus on the menu, but that not what's strange. Grasshopper tacos are what's strange and are something they may want to take off the menu unless people are bringing pet iguanas we don't know about.

Guelaguetza Restaurant is located in Koreatown, a strange place for Oaxacan style food. Think Mexican food. I was jealous by the fine dishes that circled around us while a live band wished Happy Birthday at least three time while we sat and ate our, blech, Grasshopper tacos.

From the outside the decor screams Asian food, inside is a whole other story as everything smelled like fine Mexican dining. We chose poorly and ate a hearty lunch, thinking Grasshoper tacos would make a fine entry into our bellies for desert.

We wrong, so very wrong.

It's not as though that the Grasshoper Tacos or to order look for Chapulines a La Mexicana taste gross. It's that they taste like charred gristle. There's no bug goo to worry about. It's like only eating what's left after all the good popcorn is gone. Add a little lemon and you'll have a very untasty punishment for you and your friends when everything else looks so damn good.

My opinion on taste as trying to capture what it taste like was disagreed with my friends who all had a different opinion. We only agreed we would never have it again.

The tacos come with nothing, but tortillas. You can get some hot sauce or as my group and I did, ate them with guacamole. Odd, because the review that made us come describes a lot more than what we got with our order. Which were two bowls of the insect, of which we ate most of one. Now re-reading that review, I'm a bit miffed that I didn't get more, but afraid if I complain they'll give me free order of them the next time I visit.

I recommend the restaurant, just not this platter disaster.

If you do decide to get them, order them in secret and video the look on friends faces when they first arrive on the table. That may be worth the price.

3014 W. Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90006
Monday - Thursday 9am - 10pm
Friday 9am - 11pm
Saturday 8am - 11pm
Sunday 8am - 9pm
(213) 427-0608

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