Monday, January 4, 2016

The Village and its problems

“It’s sort of become a flop. There is nobody shopping. We probably had the worst black Friday of any mall in America. We were making a very minimal amount of sales,” he said. “If you walk through the mall at any time of day you could swing a baseball bat and not hit anyone. And no one is carrying shopping bags.”

Some damn fine local reporting on The Village, the new outdoor mall isn't doing a great job getting people to come to it. It recently started charging for parking, the only mall in the valley to do so.

*You can just park across the street at the Topanga Mall and walk or take the annoying trolley. It's just so inconvenient when you're carrying bags.

ConfeXion Cupcakes is first Village at Westfield Topanga retailer to close

* We tried ConfeXion ourselves and there was nothing bad about the place or taste.

There's a whole other series of problems with another adjacent mall that's dying that Westfield also owns. Best guess is Westfield is trying to get the residents who are staying to just give up and sell their spaces up for cheap. After that though no formal plans have been put up.