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Monday, January 11, 2016

L.A.B.T.D. @ USC, A Future for LA?

You might be a little angry by how small Geoff Manaugh's exhibit, "L.A.B.T.D." is at the Doheny Memorial Library USC library. The speculative exhibit is mostly a few ideas on possible futures for LA and nothing that realistic. Geoff tells you from the start that these ideas are unrealistic. The main display is a series of models. One is based on turning  LA's freeways into and astrolabe, sort of like a outside planetarium. Another idea about giant pendulums to counter earthquakes and another idea about machinery that would be powered by the moving of the Earth with a few more.

Though I love reading his work, I can't see the real connection of how this connects to game design or whatever research he had that's stated in what he was trying to showcase. There's some books and games behind glass used for his research, which I believe is a waste. Those very games and books should be out at the exhibit for people to read and play.

A few interviews are written along the walls and it just begs for more Q&A to be displayed or really all of it may have been better in a long post online or in a book. I would have like to have read more on the expert on occult religions in the LA area.

There's a pamphlet that unfolds into a game with a different branching story on the future of LA you can pick up. Other than that the exhibit seems like it could have fit into another exhibit.

I don't recommend on visiting it unless you're already a student or happen to be passing through USC.

I'm not trying be as negative as possible, but I have to say the exhibit was lacking a lot for such a veteran of the arts and was kind of pitifully interactive for something with the word game design attached.

Doheny Memorial Library
Treasure Room, 1st floor
Now until Jan 31