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Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Greatest Anime Review

"The Japanese anime "The Devil Is a Part-Timer" offers the kind of take-no-prisoners humor American animation seems to have abandoned. And the premise is so outrageous, it may give fundamentalists heart attacks."

What f*ck?/' 

Yes, NPR reviews anime, specifically our local KCRW on the program Off-Ramp. If you can imagine the whitest person you know with a bit of dry British confidence than you'll will only start to gleam hearing the silliest, most serious review I've ever heard of anime by Mr.Charles Solomon. An anime that in no way deserves a KCET/PBS like review analyzing it for substance. It's a dumb anime with a big boob girl, a meaningless plot called the "The Devil Is a Part-Timer." Mr. Solomon gives it too much... anything.

Listen and laugh here. Quite honestly, I would like it if he had a panel at AX.

"Eventually Mao has to confront the cruel angel Sariel in a climactic battle. But the filmmakers once again juxtapose the fantastic and the mundane with hilarious results. His powers restored, a muscular, winged version of Mao begins the fight taking off his MgRonalds uniform and carefully folding it. Any damage to that uniform would be deducted from his salary! Clad in his boxers, he literally beats the hell out of Sariel, makes sure his friends are safe and repairs the nearby buildings. Then he puts his uniform back on so can start his shift at MgRonalds."