Friday, January 8, 2016

Mein Kampf Released in Germany

The work of Adolf Hitler was released in Germany this week, with a new edition of Mein Kampf, the book he wrote while in jail about his "struggle." The new edition in Germany isn't relatively a bad thing, the new edition is a critical analysis, page by page of how Hitler was wrong and break downs of trashing his sources, which were mostly made up racism.

The really strange thing is some of the history of the book from Wikipedia.

-The Hochzeitsausgabe, or Wedding Edition, in a slipcase with the seal of the province embossed in gold onto a parchment-like cover was given free to marrying couples. When the Nazi regime was in power.

-During World War II, Hitler's publisher sued an American publisher and won. The legal proceedings took place before Germany declared war on the US

(Now I want a story where they say, "Look out, it's Hitler's Publishers!")

-At the time of his suicide, Hitler's official place of residence was in Munich, which led to his entire estate, including all rights to Mein Kampf, changing to the ownership of the state of Bavaria. The government of Bavaria, in agreement with the federal government of Germany, refused to allow any copying or printing of the book in Germany, and opposed it also in other countries but with less success. As per German copyright law, the entire text entered the public domain on 1 January 2016, 70 years after the author's death

 - Houghton Mifflin still publishes it here in the US, but unlike this new edition puts no critical analysis in the book. When questioned about why it still published it by the US Government it simply put the profits it made into charity

(That was wayback in the 70's, I'm not sure if they do give the profits to charity anymore, it be hilarious if it was to Jewish organizations.)

-India really likes the book, for a variety of bad reasons. Hitler is a type of ice cream cone there?