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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hype: Amiibo butt plug rating, Paul Scheer's Five Years on How Did This Get Made

 A background of the internet, we enjoy.

-Amiibo butt plug rating

52. Bowser
Bowser is nothing but spikes and claws. You do not want Bowser in your butt.

-Paul Scheer on 5 Years of Asking 'How Did This Get Made' — Plus His 5 Favorite Episodes

 “We got him for you — what do you want to use him for?” And I was like, “No, we don’t want him.” I turned down getting Sylvester Stallone on my podcast, because I was having too much fun not getting him! [Laughs]

-Best of Anime 2015

We don't agree entirely, but we like going over their musical picks.

-Ladies of Star Wars Poker Playing Cards

There just so bad, just some images taken from scenes from different films. Who the hell are some of these ladies? I'm amazed Aunt Beru's charred corpse isn't one of the images.