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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Silent Night Quick Review

Silent Night

Malcolm McDowell must be drowning in some pretty bad gambling debt to be in this degrading B-horror movie for the holidays. He plays a unlikable Sheriff in an unlikable town filled with unlikable people. Yeah, you kind of don't feel pity for anyone when they get murdered in some Christmas time ways. This belongs on the Sy-Fy Channel along with The 12 Disasters of Christmas which itself was a disaster. You could chop down the kills for a quick YouTube best of clips, including a woodchipper feasting on a topless girl. The rest of this film is best kept out of stockings and thrown on the fire.

Mr. McDowell still got top billing even though he wasn't the star of the film, I don't think his name alone is going to get people to pick it up Anchor Bay. Try harder next holiday season Anchor Bay, maybe a Hanukkah Horror movie for once. Has no one made Death Driedel or Murder Menorah? Who doesn't want some Hanukkah Zombies wanting only kosher brains?