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Monday, December 31, 2012

Gangster Squad Wait For The Special Edition

About every few months a new movie uses LA as a major backdrop. Gangster Squad is the newest film ready to roll out Jan 11th with old school LA as it's background. The current issue of LA Mag tells how one huge gunfight taking place within the Grauman's Chinese Theater has now been replaced with a gunfight in Chinatown. It seems the producers were afraid to release the film after the Aurora Batman Shooting. Having a cowboy western style gunfight in a crowded theater might scare some. So my advice is to wait for the release of Blu-ray which should be loaded with deleted scene.The current shooting taking place in the film was a 5 day re-shoot after production was over, so it must have been a pain in the ass to do.

 No idea how much it might confuse the story or might be weird to suddenly have shootout in Chinatown. I do hope it goes something around the lines of all the cops being outside the Grauman's Chinese and then when the go inside it cut's to Chinatown. A dubbed over voice going, "Wait, weren't we in Hollywood? Oh wait, Grauman's Chinese is the entrance to Chinatown. That's why it's got the Chinese in it." Then I suggest on seeing the movie in theaters.

You can check out the cars from the film at the Peterson Car Museum til Jan 20

Laist reports on a premiere screening back in November? Little early, there.