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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

LA Eiga Film Festival Rurouni Kenshin Already Sold Out!

The Eiga Film Fest returns to Hollywood Dec 14-16.
Egyptian Theater

If you read my earlier post on you might have snagged tickets for the Rurouni Kensin premiere. If not. I'm afraid to tell you it's already sold out. Don't fret as there is still a nice selection of films to choose from. Sunday you have some choice anime, including Wolf Children and Asura two very different tales. Asura deal with cannibalism and Wolf Children is more of a Disney movie, both will have great animation. There's also going to be  Top Chefs: The Wide World of Japanese Food Anime  an odd dish, but might be fun for the little tikes. It's showing an upcoming dub from Funimation Toriko, it's sort of like Dragonball, but with becoming a chef.

Here's some of my favorites, but here's the full selection.

Thermae Romae

A ancient Roman architect is in charge of making the lavish Roman baths, but can't figure out what to make to stand out. Luckily, he time travels to current Japan and sees a modern Japanese bath house.

Short film Edo of the Dead

Zombies in the Edo period, nice!