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Friday, December 7, 2012

Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage ?! Review

Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage ?!

In far off land, in another time, there was a human boy named Finn. Along side him was his ever faithful friend Jake the dog, who could changed his body into whatever he wished. Mind you, these shapes were as possible as the T-1000, so no guns or small machines, sort of like Venom from Spider-man too, except adorable.

Adventure Time, C'mon, grab you're friends, go and play it on 3DS right now. That first sentence should be sung or at least have someone sing it to you. The Adventure Time 3DS game I've been mentioning now for some time has graced us with being out in time for Thanksgiving and just in time for the holidays to be played, thus ignoring friends and relations. Who needs family and colleagues when you have your Adventure Time friends?

Out of the gate, I'll say the game is short, but sweet. Like a delectable sweet from a bakery, it's got a great taste, but once you've had a bite you'll want more and there just won't be more. You get angry, attack the baker, get arrested and then find out you have diabetes anyway. However, it was still a sweet ride and a most fun adventure.

If you're a fan like me you'll be seeing cameos and remembering old bad guys and enjoying power-ups such as flying business men or an a attack bee.

 Just of note*, I remember a attack bee from Invader Zim too. I wonder if someone transitioned into the Adventure Time crew and brought the bee. Pen Ward's Bravest Warriors also has an attack bee. Just odd, but it seems like a thing.

Honey, there's more power-ups than that. You can carry a lot of items, mostly food items, but many from the show. You can mix them with condiments, getting mixed results. Sometimes it give you more health some times it doesn't. Power-ups like a vorpal blade increase you speed or do more damage. Beauteous Wings actually do increase your jump for hard to find items.

While perusing the Land of Ooo I found myself clicking on items to power me up during boss fights or to regain health. The game at it's core it's a platformer beat-em up. So, there'll be some jumps, rolls or glides you'll have to achieve to go kick a bosses behind.

You'll be kick those bosses behinds with a freak version of Finn and Jake combined into a mutant where there are one being. You could also think of Jake being a alien life form attached to Finn giving him powers sort of like Venom. In the end, Jake is just being lazy, doesn't want to walk and is being carried in you backpack. So while Finn will be slashing enemies with his sword, Jake will come up for special times. Wind in your way? Why, not have a Jake ear shield? Jake's body becomes a Swiss army knife for whatever befalls you. It's cute, but I think a mutated Finn and Jake stuck together with four arms might have been a better direction.

Back to kicking bosses booty. You'll be fighting some well known characters of the show . I don't want to ruin who'll you'll be fighting. If you a little kid it might be a little hard to beat up these baddies, but if you're older you'll beat them quite fast.

You can see the sprite love from Wayforward and there is some extra love with the Konami code on the title screen. I'd also add some of the musci was a good laugh, with scary level actually having the words death moaned out while fighting candy zombies. Writing had some good jabs at gaming, but I would have liked more of it.

I'll just reiterate what I wrote from the start. The game goes by quick. It seems like a lot more could have been added and a lot more concepts could have been tried, but I'm guessing there was a deadline to be made. It is a bunch of fetch quests, fetch quests that are funny and silly and sometimes required to provide people's innocence or finding a girlfriend. All good pursuits and sort of what are heroes due from time to time in the show.

If your a fan it's a buy, if not it's a rental. It is already $30, which is quite cheap for any new title for 3DS.

Ending wise, WayForward had some fun, if you've ever played a Kirby game you'll know not everything is as it seems.

Game provided by publisher for review.