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Thursday, December 13, 2012

REMAKE 3xtra Review

REMAKE 3xtra

Your favorite robot boy continues his stories in another collection by Lamar Abrams. Max Guy, robot boy hero is in three new tales. Each tale is surreal, with some clever wit and funny enough to laugh at. Lamar once again straps us in for a strange ride into Max's life.

Remake 3xtra is an apt title for a collection of three stories that seem like they should be added to the two other volumes in the series. The first only has Max in it for a tiny bit as background characters are given more exposure at a dance club. The dance club and music get so great Lamar draws it as though getting lost in space and partying among the stars.

The next story sees Max back to being a main character, just chilling and watching TV with his smarter than average cat he threw-up. A new villain arrives that Max is a bit un-prepared for. I don't want to reveal her name as it's a bit of joke, but I will reveal she has ice powers. The reason for her snowy wrath is incredibly stupid and it wouldn't be as funny if she was doing it for a real reason like money or power.

The final story has Lamar playing around with us on a riff with Megaman creator Dr. Light as were introduced to Max's creator. No shocking truths really, just a look into their relationship. Max is using his gun wrong apparently though.

As always Lamar makes everyday life seems less mundane with the surreal places and actions in each story. A normal city scape and club transform into a deadly joke for anyone on a cell and the universe itself for those grooving to a alligator DJ. It's kind of fun cartoony world where robots, humanoid animals, and woman with drills for hands walk around just chilling.

Talking of chilling it's cool to see Max fight a new bad guy girl or really his cat fight a new ice-powered baddie. Get ready for a Pokemon reference. Dark humor about having a decapitated villain's head makes it another fun story to get lost in.

As always I wish Lamar did more and had a larger book. He filled it with great art and once again pulls off some fun styles and different techniques you won't see in regular comics. It's not short for what you get, but I'll always pine for a indie comic artist to put in more.

For fun video game references and people communicating by playful insults you might want to pick it up.

I kind of wish the series would  be made into a cartoon, maybe for Cartoon Hangover. One can dream and when Lamar Abrams does dream it's of a very funny little robot boy and his strange friends.