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Friday, December 7, 2012

Murder LA: Lucky Number 000013

by James Cohen

Sunday, April 2nd, 2006. Downtown LA. 4:30PM.

Dae Kwon Yun, 54, has been living in his SUV for over a week. His marriage is ending. His business has already failed.

He takes his son and daughter, who stayed with their mother in Koreatown, to see a movie and then drives to the garment district, where he parks in an alley.

The man gets out and places rags doused with gasoline around the vehicle. His daughter exits the vehicle at this point, as Yun is witnessed arguing with her and forcing her back inside. Ashley is only 11, so she does not win this fight.

Yun gets back in the SUV and ignites the rags. Presumably he's trapped the children in, since they do not escape. Their father, however, does bail, after sustaining heavy burns. He waits there to be taken to the hospital.

Now, six years later, Yun has just pled guilty to the murders as part of a deal to forgo the death penalty -- which seems odd, considering that his lawyers claim he needs protective custody to prevent suicide. If he really wants to die then why plea bargain? Perhaps it's a ploy to get better treatment during his life sentence.

EXTRA: Police have a released a sketch of a female suspect being sought in connection with the recent murder of a 68 year old man during an apparent robbery in Lynwood. She is thought to have been the lookout for three men.

ALSO: Charges have been dropped against Lois Goodman, the 70 year old tennis referee who apparently did not murder her husband with a coffee mug.