Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year Super Fight! Rescue Little Tokyo! Jan 1st

Fujiyama Ichiban will be having a fight to ring in the New Year in Little Tokyo.

New Year Super Fight! Rescue Little Tokyo!
Little Tokyo/ Weller Court 123 S. Onizuka St.,Los Angeles, CA 90012
Jan 1st(Tue) Time:1:10pm

Tuesday Jan 1st will be you and your children's chance to see a Henshin hero doing battle live for free. So if you've ever seen the Power Rangers or know more about Japanese super heroes you might like to catch a Japanese hero set. I'm very enthralled by the idea of someone trying to make a Japanese super hero popular in America and LA no less. I'm not in love with the art of Fujiyama Ichiban, but I really want to learn more about this character and the people behind it.